Due to COVID-19, there will not be any Playball classes or camps for 2021 . Please reach out to Coach Maxy at 828-575-3000 if you have any questions.

Each day is a discovery of movement, sport, song, dance, and seasonal crafts based on what we learn each day. Dress appropriately for indoor and outdoor activities, which will include all of your child's favorite Playball games and sports like football, soccer, cricket, rugby, field hockey, plus relay races, coordination games, and obstacle courses. 

An average day at Playball Camp:


Arrive at 9:00 and have free play until 9:15. At 9:15 we huddle up for our morning breakdown of introductions and welcome new friends. We go over the schedule for the day and then break into small groups and start a warm up. This is a typical Playball lesson which is 30-45 minutes with water breaks in between. 


We break at 10:00 for a snack, a story or some music, and free-play time. We will play in the indoor rec-room or on the playground, weather dependent.


From 10:45-11:30 we do another 45 minute Playball lesson, learning a few tips on sportsmanship, team work, new vocabulary, and techniques, with fun kid-sized equipment like tennis rackets, hockey sticks, footballs, and soccer balls. 


11:30-12:45 is lunch and free play with the Playball equipment. We like to let the children explore, manipulate, make obstacle courses, and use what they have learned as we encourage and supervise them. 


12:45-1:45 is craft, music, and play time.


From 1:45-2:30 we wrap up our day with a sporty overview of the day, new vocabulary and techniques learned with demonstrations by the children. We play a final game, receive sporty stamps, and do the Playball cheer as a team!